Species Catalogue
 140 mm container size  approx.     2-3 Year Plant 
200 mm container size approx. 4 Year Plant
250 mm container size approx. 5 Year Plant
300 mm container size approx. 5-6 Year Plant
75 Lt. container size approx. 8 plus Year Plant
100 Lt. container size approx.10 plus Year Plant
150 Lt. container size approx.10 plus Year Plant
Plants up to 400 Lt container size, available
J = japonica
S = sasanqua
HI = higo
HY = hybrid
R = ret. + hybrid with retic. parent
V = vernalis
H = hiemalis
SP = species
SA = saluensis
RU = rusticana
CR = camellia relatives
  	Plant Names 			Colour 
S ® DAN's Alice magenta
S ® DAN's Anneka white
S ® DAN's Annelise pale pink
S ® DAN's Birgitte silvery pink
S ® DAN's Chloe white with occasional pink edges
S 	® DAN's  Connie		white centre with dark cerise edge
S 	® DAN's  Elsa 			pale pink 
H ® DAN's Emily rose pink
S ® DAN's Hanne red and blotched white
S 	® DAN's  Helen		deep pink
S ® DAN's Janice silvery pink
S 	® DAN's  Jessica		white with occasional pink edge
S 	® DAN's  Johanna		white centre with gradual change to cerise
S ® DAN's Kate white/cerise edge/flushed pink
S 	® DAN's  Lauren		white with lavender edges
S ® DAN's Meta white
S 	® DAN's  Rebecca		shell pink with darker cerise centre
H ® DAN's Sonya white
S 	Alison Spragg 			rose red 
Hy Alpen Glo pink fading to white centre
S Asakura white/pink
S Beatrice Emily white/lavender margins
S Bert Jones clear pink
S Betsy Baker clear pink
H Bonanza dark red
H Chansonette brilliant pink
S Cherilyn lavender pink
S Cotton Candy pink
H Dazzler brilliant cerise rose
S Edna Butler soft pink
V Egao deep pink
S Enid Alice pale pink
S Exquisite pale pink
S Frivolity white
S Fuji-no-mine white
S Fukuzutsumi rose pink
S Gay white
H Gay Baby orchid pink
V Ginryu white
S Gwen Pike shell pink
V Hiryu Vernalis [Flying Dragon] pink
S Hiryu scarlet Dragon crimson
H Hiryu [Aust] Kanjiro deep cerise
S J. C. Vasstol shell pink
S Jane Morgan white pink edge
S Jean May shell pink
S Jennifer Susan pink
S Julie Ann red streaked silver
S Little Pearl white
S Lucinda lolly pink
S Lucinda Alba white
S Marie Young pink
S Marilyn Dive pink
S Martha Taylor pale pink
S Mary Jane Butler white/edged pink
S Mc Hilleny blushed white
S Mignonne light pink
S Mine-no-yuki white
S Miss Ed light pink
S Misty Moon lavender pink
S Momozono pale pink
S Narumigata white
S Navejo red, changing to white/red edge
H Peerless light red
S Plantation Pink soft pink
S Pure Silk white/edged pink
S Queenslander white/blushed pink
S Rainbow pink/marbled white
S Red Willow red
S Rose Ann deep rose
S Rose Pendant rose pink
S Rosea pink
S Setsugekka white
S Shell Pink shell pink
V Shibori-egao deep rose blotched white
S Shichi-fukujin bright pink
S Shishi-gashira red
H Showa-no-sakae soft pink
S Silver Burgundy pink
S Silver Dollar white
S Something Special white/pink border
S Sparkling Burgundy ruby rose
V Star above Star white/lavedder rose
S Tanya deep rose pink
S Vanity Fair deep pink
S Verity Bettine pink
S Wahroongah white-edge pink
S Weroona white/edged rasberry pink
S Yuletide orange red
S Zerbes cerise